Glance Back in Time 1919 to 1960

The Band circa 1922. Apart from Conductor Frank Allen in the centre, the only bandsman identified is Reg (Betty) Baker, the young man sat on the ground to the left of the picture. He became bandmaster for a short period in 1939.
Frank Allen conducting and Frank Dewey on the cornet
Frank Allen leading the band along Huntingdon High Street with Alan Wallace in the centre on trombone.
From left: Frank Dewey, Reg Baker, Unknown, Frank Allen, Ray Thompson, Roy Barlow, Unknown, Unknown.
From the left: Connie Thompson, Bill Barlow. Alan Wallace on trombone closest to the centre of the picture.
Juniors on Front Row from the left: A very young (President)David Dew, Unknown, 2nd Row from left: Bernie Criswell, Pip Marshall, Frank Dewey, Malcolm Brooks, Bill Cooper, Bill Gorbry, Brian Ruddle, Wilf Rivers, Bill Barlow. Back Row from left: Unknown, Fred Stokes, Alan Wakeling, Brian Goubler, Frances Dewey, Unknown, Unknown, Roy Barlow, Ed Duller, Keith Hurst.
From Left: Brian Buddle, John Wooten (seated), Fred Stokes, John Spridgen, David Pell, John Lea, Edward Duller, Maureen Moule.
Conductor Bill Cooper leading the band.
Crouching from left: John Lea, Unknown, David Pell. Standing from left: Ed Duller, Malcolm Brooks, John Spridgen, Unknown, Unknown, Fred Stokes, Bill Cooper, Wilf Rivers, Unknown, Frances Dew, Unknown, Bill Barlow, Unknown, Maureen Moule, Unknown, Pip Marshall Frank Dewey.
John Wooten on trombone to left of picture
Fred and Brenda Stokes wedding in 1953. From the left: Stan Shadbolt Snr, Wilf Rivers, Bill Barlow, Stan Shadbolt Jnr, Fred and Brenda stokes, Ray Thompson, Malcolm Brooks, Charlie Ison, Keith Hurst.
From the left: Gordon Shadbolt, Stan Shadbolt Jnr, Ray Thompson, To the right top down: Brenda Shadbolt, John Lea, Fred Stokes and Frank Dewey.